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Fun Cow Facts

Thrifty and enterprising Benjamin Tomkins of Herefordshire, England, is considered to be the father of the familiar red-bodied, white-faced Hereford breed. He wished to establish beef cattle that were hardy, had early maturity, and had a nutural aptitude to grow and gain from grass and grain--traits that are of primary importance in the Hereford breed today.

Cows may refuse to graze if they sense an impending storm, and will lie down. Scientists attribute this behavior to the lowering pressure preceding a storm.
A Holstein holds the record for greastest milk production - 67,914 pounds milk in one year.
In ancient Ireland, wealth was referred to neither in terms of money nor ownership of land; instead, the cow was the measure of everything.
John Sievers, Jr. applied for a patent application in 1897 for a hunting decoy shaped like a giant cow. The hinged head dropped away--presumably so the cow could graze--allowing the hunter to bag game.
Old cows in India have their own nursing homes.

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